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Cebuanas is a good site if you like to go along with the games of love that the fake girls play with you to hook you up and then get yr sympathetic side and ask you for some cash…Im really firm with them and tell them that Cebuanas is for true love searching and if they want money then go to a bank and ask them and not me coz im poor..

But if one joins Cebuanas and goes from one fake girl to the next,eventually you will find a genuine looking for love one or more who will never ask for money and if you both click,she will stick to you like glue…Genuine ones stand out instantly,its easy to see them from the fakes…Chat to her on the phone and the whole story will unfold bit by bit….

Ive made at least 2 new lovely GFs this way on Cebs every year and i go to visit every one of them and im about to go and meet another one from Manila next month so we can holiday in Boracay together…My advice is simple…be careful and sort out the good from the bad ones first,dont fall for good looks alone but delve her personality deeply and thoroughly…With some patience,practice and time you too will have good luck if you play yr cards right..

Has anybody had any bad experiences on meeting these ladies? I realise this could create a deluge of comments for me,but it would be good to find out before I take the plunge. All the girl wanted to do is to travel and maybe meet somebody else on the travels?

Just use your common sense, and do not focus on just one girl at first. You should meet as many people as possible, and then decide who you want to spend more time with. I realise this could create a deluge of comments for me, but it would be good to find out before I take the plunge. The first item to be aware of — they ask to communicate with you via private email or IM. Or if you want the sex — just pay for it at home — save you lots of money to travel half way round the world for it.

Look guys u have to understand the Phils is a 3rd world country that happens to be full of really pretty women…Yes alot are just plain fake and scammers and do it all just coz they are hungry…. If you find the honest girl eventually just be a friend to her and get to know her well first…In time and if she likes you the feelings will grow to bigger better things,if not move on to the next one…. I have made many many many love acquaintances like this but im a pure Romeo and dont want serious ever with anyone…Treat with respect and pamper them and they open their hearts to you…Cebuanas isnt a perfect site but i can mention at least 6 other paying sites that are much worse with their members….

Some of it is true. And a 5, mile trip is a gamble. So plan on staying no matter what.

One young beauty had one heck of a deep voice when on the phone with me. I thought it was a malfunction with my computer. I dropped her quickly. And one I knew, gave my private information to someone in America. Lucky to find out. So, take your time. One serious mistake and your butt is fried. You want to see a scam look on POF in California. Low quality women who lie will wast your time. E-harmony is another one. Yes there are plenty of scammers in the USA. And there are scammers in other countries too, Cebuanas is no exception.

At work a girl here in California got , for sex harssment. She got her bra snapped one time. It is very unfortunate you had such bad experience at cebuanas.

However, mine have been good and bad. For example, yes it is true that 1 out 4 girls on the site is cam girl,and yes lady boys are on there too. However, I have met some very nice young ladies,and we keep in touch. I hope to marry a filipino one day. I working through the true and serious mind ones. Yet, I find the scammers are easy to figure out. They are not consist with there story. Majority of time lie about there situation.

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I catch them in lies all the time. From personal experience of Cebuanas? I was the victim of many online scammers from this site. That is why i setup a brand new site; http: My staff are personally trained to look out for scammers and undesirable members and they are deleted without question from the site — that is of course providing they pass our robust registration process! As for free dating sites — beware! If you think you can find a genuine lady from a FREE site, good luck to you, because you will surely need it!

Cebuanas is a front for trained teams of ladyboys who are intelligent, worldly , have great personilty and raging determination to get the huge kickbacks ofered by web sites like http: I personally have named HUNDREDSof fake profiles ion Cebuanas, and often a scammer will use same girls fake pics within hours of being exposed as a scammer or web cam recruit.

I know this because i was a web cam studio owner, and recently I got close to one of the team leaders atwithin this large gruop of webcam recruiters. I love the pinay, I know many. I could write a book about my experiences in the past 3 years.. The reason is that new members are not required to disclose their city location.

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You can register on our web site without any city location — unlike Cebuanas. In other words, there may be new members, but only a handful of new members that understand the importance of listing their city location. Why seek for Asian brides thru Cebuanas or any other asian dating site, if you can date the most beautiful Bulgarian and Russian ladies. Much more easy in terms of arranging meeting and visits.

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The Bulgarian woman will give you comfort, loyalty, she will be your life partner and soulmate, your partner to count on and talk about everything. Most of these girls don't have a computer at home so they go to internet cafe's to check emails and chat. Internet cafe's here open at 8am to 12midnight everyday.

Welcome to the fastest growing Filipina dating site online in the Philippines.

Join now and connect to singles worldwide. Cebuanas are Filipina women living in the province of Cebu, located in the central part of the 7, islands that comprise the Philippines. The Filipino girls are young, beautiful and dedicated to having a serious life partner and family to an extent that most men can only dream about.

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We are one of the top online dating sites in the Philippines. Our features include sophisticated search of profiles of attractive and friendly men and women who are carefully looking for love just like you. We have concentrated on not only just the Philippines, but the central part specifically.

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