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"Haunted" (Season 1, Episode 7)

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Forum Users Search Support. You are not logged in. Please login or register. Vampire diaries do damon and elena ever hook up dirocleitrab. Bird User Inactive Registered: Filipino culture and traditions dating Buzzfeed hookup quiz Internet dating questions to ask. Vampire diaries do damon and elena ever hook up.

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Support User Inactive Registered: Daring User Inactive Registered: Special User Inactive Registered: For most couples, a temper that results in people getting wiped out would be a relationship-ender. The creators changed some aspects of Elena and Damon and their relationship from the novel series. In the books, Elena was selfish and always got what she wants. This is different than the caring and loving person in the show.

Damon is a completely different vampire who really hated his brother, Stefan. Elena in the books rejects him constantly, which causes him to lash out with jealousy. For many of the early seasons, Elena struggled with her feelings for Damon and Stefan. Damon tried to get her to confess her love for him.

'Vampire Diaries': Who Might Be Hooking Up and Who Is Stuck in the Friend Zone

She fought it, but somehow managed to reciprocate the same kind of emotion back to Damon. But that was only on the surface. It was obvious to fans that, deep down, she still loved Stefan no matter what she felt for Damon. It's almost like she was so defeated and exhausted from the emotions that it was easier for her to simply choose Damon.

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The main problem is that Damon abuses Elena emotionally and physically way too many times. He caught the hand and squeezed it until her bones snapped. When Elenawent to save her boyfriend at a lake, Damon threw her into that lake because he was jealous. But Elena constantly forgives him, no matter how badly he treats her. When he went to free Katherine, he learned she had already left the tomb and never came looking for Damon. He had been in love with Katherine, but she had never loved him back. As time went on, Damon grew to dislike Katherine.

The woman he had loved for years never returned those same feelings, but here is Elena, who he grew to like, then love. But they break up multiple times. He tends to cast their relationship, no matter what type it is, aside without another thought. He tries to move on. When the desire is too great to resist, and they decide to get back together, all is forgiven, which is a big theme between Damon and Elena. In one episode, Damon decides to share his blood with Elena. Except Elena is still with Stefan at this point. When she shows up, Damon and Elena have a talk.

Damon informs Elena that she is hiding her true feelings for him from herself, so he kisses her.

Elena finds it necessary to tell him that, while she truly cares about Damon, her life will always be with Stefan. This angers Damon greatly. And in response to Elena, Damon finds her brother Jeremy and snaps his neck. Elena does tell Stefan that she hates Damon, but when Damon and her finally get together, the incident with her brother is completely forgotten. Jeremy did come back to life later.

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At the time Damon and Isobel start their relationship, Damon is a cured vampire. Damon had turned Isobel into a vampire, who then returned to Mystic Falls later. Isobel wished to cause harm to Elena, who happened to be her daughter. Still, if Elena had learned how violent he was to Isobel to make her leave town, Elena would be bothered.

While Elena was sitting in a cemetery, writing in her diary, Damon conjured fog and crows.

She acted like it was an everyday occurrence. With Damon, she focused on getting him to act good, despite knowing what he was capable of. The sire bond is a connection between a vampire and the person they turn. The sired then shows their loyalty by following the orders of their sire-- sometimes called a master. Elena realizes her strong love for Damon and professes her love to him, but Damon only thinks she is saying that because of the bond.

We learn in the show that the bond only affects actions, not emotions like love. If anyone should know this, Damon should.

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Why was he skeptical about her love confession? They each had other relationships, but it was their love and desire that took center stage in the television program. While the show was on the air - and even to this day - fans were either Team Damon or Team Stefan. To choose to be with Damon more than once may have meant she had fallen out of love with him-- or it could have meant Elena always had feelings for Stefan, who she probably fit better with anyway.

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The word is in the name of the TV show. Stefan and Elena had diaries, which were catalysts to how they met. It was interesting to see her viewpoint of events through her human eyes, and vice versa with Stefan.