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      Having too much estrogen for an extended period of time increases your risk of endometrial cancer. If you can't seem to drop pounds, talk to your gynecologist about going on the pill. Your body has the opposite reaction when you're underweight; it doesn't produce enough estrogen. Still, if you've always weighed less than average, this might not be a problem.

      The best things about dating someone who also has a period

      If you've dropped serious pounds, but you're still within a healthy range, your body should adjust within a few months. The first thing you should know is that hormones don't act in isolation.

      Plus, some hormone receptors look a lot like other hormone receptors, so a drug can easily mistake its target hormone, affecting a fertility hormone as well as the intended thyroid hormone, for example. Don't panic if your cycle is a couple days off, but see your doc if your period is consistently over a week early or late. Puritz suggests limiting your exposure any way you can: That explains why stressed out women were less likely to conceive than their more zen counterparts in a Human Reproduction study.

      Give your birth control two to three months before giving up in the name of irregularly. Then, if you still see spotting, make sure you're taking the pill at the exact same time everyday. While you probably expect your periods to become less frequent as you approach menopause, it can throw some surprises at you. Thanks to shifts in your hormones, your cycle gets shorter before it gets longer, explains Samantha Butts, MD, associate professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Penn Medicine.

      Unfortunately, that means you'll need to put up with more frequent periods before you can start saying goodbye for good. Until menopause comes, may we suggest stocking up on chocolate and keeping an emergency tampon in your purse? You know skimping on sleep can make you feel off, but subpar slumber patterns can throw off your cycle, too. In fact, people who work irregular hours like nurses and flight attendants are more likely to experience irregular periods , according to a review published in Sleep Medicine. Plus, irregular sleeping patterns make your melatonin levels wonky melatonin has been shown to affect reproduction and menstruation in animals.