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I'm taller than a lot of White guys and girls would still rather talk to them than talk to me. I am decent at sports, better at basketball, bad a soccer, decent at football. And I don't have an accent. Although I speak a bit slower and quieter. Part of it may be because I have Aspergers and I can't small talk as well but I am completely ignored by people both guys and girls for some reason. Thats why I hang out on the web so much.

I go on Youtube, Yahoo answers, and misc. In my old school many years ago I got a lot of attention, both positive and negative. But now people just ignore me.

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I'm sort of chubby but I'm not fat. I'm thinking of becoming a bodybuilder and getting big muscles and a six pack.

Would Asian Girls Date Asian Guys Or White Guys?

Will being muscular make me a lot more attractive to girls? The lack of confidence and ugly looks turn women off. I'm sorry OP, not all of us can look like Brad Pit.

Originally Posted by davesterrr. I'm pretty sure asian girls like asian guys otherwise there wouldn't be billions of them. Originally Posted by blackstar Originally Posted by HomeBodybuilder. I think your friends are definitely prejudices. They have mostly like never met an Asian guy in their life. You shouldn't let your friend define your life. I am half korean, I got alot of friends that are asian and all.

I do agree that most are shy because I think just because some are like new to the culture and don't know what to is right in the society and all. Some of my friends are just crazy and they are not shy at all. The really shy ones I am sure after a while when you are dating them they will not be shy at all. I was the same way before I was really shy and all but after awhile it just goes away and your not shy at all really. I honestly think asian men aren't shy I'm thinking they're only shy with non-asian girls because they're not used to being hit on by them and when it happens they don't really know what to say.

A good amount of asian men don't even hit on non-asian females. I guess from a non-asian point of view that can come off as shy. I'd say just talk to any asian guy and just get him to be more comfortable around you. I have a lot of non-asian female friends and dated some so I speak from what I've observed and experienced myself. Go with the guys that work best for you, if your happy the why be influenced by someone else, Maybe a trip to China might help you find a manly chinese guy.

Your friend is an idiot. You can't make stereotypes about an entire race like that. It may seem true sometimes, but who cares?

Would a White girl date an Asian guy?

Find a guy you're comfortable with. If your friend disapproves because he isn't "manly", whatever that is supposed to mean, then that's her problem. I think if you just give the shy guys a chance they might just show you something you've been looking for. Asian guys are really family oriented.

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They are very close to their families. They fight each other but they will stand together when it comes to crisis.

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Just be yourself and keep talking to the shy ones, they will come around. Shyness does not contribute any less masculinity among people it is just a way for them to hide their true strength. Don't look whats on the surface but whats deep within people's true self. Sometimes people just need to be "nudge" in the right direction to open up to you. Patient would go along way especially for someone who is worth it. I'm Chinese and most of the girls I've dated were Caucasian. Related Questions Why do Asian guys only date Asian girls?