College hookup advice

Hook-ups should be footloose and fancy-free!! It may seem obvious that foregoing a condom is risky behavior, but unprotected sex still happens quite frequently. We all know the horrid statistic that 1 in 4 college students has an STD.

1. Always carry gum.

Unfortunately, according to a recent guest speaker in a Pomona Human Sexuality class, chlamydia is not that uncommon here on the 5Cs. Do use a condom! If you are one of those condom-haters, learn to love them by sampling some of the ultra-thin kinds, such as Beyond Seven, or those geared towards female arousal, like Trojan Her Pleasure! When in doubt, you can always ask. The right time to leave a hook-up is highly dependent on context, so just stay aware. Obviously ignoring someone is not playing hard to get; it can be confusing and slightly rude.

Do acknowledge the person.

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There's no sense feeling ashamed of something that you did when you were in college, and nothing you can do to change it, so you might as well try to let those feelings go. It won't happen right away, but the best way to start the process of stopping these feeling of shame is to tell yourself mentally to stop, and interrupt your negative thoughts about the hookups. It's not a quick fix, but if you really need to know how to own your college hookups , chances are your somewhat tormented by the memories of them.

There's no need to be, and we;re going to tell you how to stop. There are some things that you really need to keep in mind when you're trying to let go of your feelings of shame about whatever you did and whatever hookups you had when you were in college. It's a natural, and extremely common, thing for people in college to do crazy sexual things with all kinds of new people, so don't feel like you've done anything wrong by hooking up!

Sure, studies are important while you're in school, but so is having fun, and part of having fun is having sex with new people! Remind yourself of the following things when you're starting to feel ashamed of your college hookups.

How To Own Your College Hookups And Forget The Shame

If college was a long time ago for you, then you can take comfort in the fact that your hookups happened when you were young. It's tough to really feel that shameful about silly college hookups, but if that's something that you're finding is happening to you, then again, remind yourself that it was years ago!

If you're still young, then you still have a lot of potentially shameful experiences coming your way, so you might as well own your college hookups now. It doesn't matter who you hooked up with, just forget about it and move on. You learned from it. One thing that's important to realize is that whatever you did when you were younger helped to shape you into the person that you are today, and that includes your hookups! You did a lot of things when you were younger, and unless you killed someone, there's no reason to be ashamed of those things.

10 Tips for Owning Your College Hookups - Society19

You gained skills from all of your hookups, and learned more about sex with each and every one, so don't let your youthful sexual encounters make you feel bad about who you may have hooked up with. Nobody remembers as time goes on, so don't worry.

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Like we said, everyone was hooking up in college, so you far from alone in your post-college hookup shame. Knowing that pretty much everybody else that you were in college with likely feels the same way except hopefully your hookups really can help you to own your college hookups and stop feeling ashamed of what you did or who you slept with. Colleges are notorious for casual sex of all kinds, with all people, so it's simply part of the college experience to have tons of random hookups. Some of them are bound to be bad, but that's just par for the course. Of course, part of college is partying, and partying involves drinking, and everyone makes mistakes when they've had a few too many.

It's so easy to think that someone is attractive and worth sleeping with, only to see in the cold light of sobriety the next day that they were not. Just move on and accept that it happened, but you also don't have to tell anyone or talk about it either.

THE TRUTH ABOUT COLLEGE - Parties, Hookups, & Freshman Advice!

Although it can be a lot of fun to share regretful college hookup stories for a laugh with friends, because everyone truly does have one. Be proud of what you were able to accomplish with your sexual exploits and your hookups in college! Sure, pretty much everyone can say that they've had hookups while they were in school, but you should be proud of yours because they shaped you into who you are now.

You went to college - that in and of itself is worth being proud of, but you can also say that you got laid a lot while you were there. You also made the decisions to take part in these hookups, so own up to your decision making skills and go with it. There must have been a reason that you wanted to sleep with the people you did, so feel good about it! Maybe your grades weren't so hot, or maybe you dropped out altogether, so the hookups you had while you were there are worth owning and being proud of!

At least you got something out of college life, even it didn't end up being a degree. Every time you have sex you should be proud and want to own it, because not everyone has the game that you clearly do! Some girls are more dominant, which a lot of guys find really hot.

Best Hookup Advice

Eye contact is a simple way to show interest. Holding eye contact with your potential hookup across the room is a great way to be subtle yet flirty. When you are hooking up with someone and need a breath, instead of just pulling away, give them a little glance as you catch your breath. With this, comes the ability to hookup anywhere and with anyone around. For some people this works and will never be an issue; but for many, you have learned the importance of privacy. As stupid as this sounds, many immature friends will at some time video you hooking up with someone and you will be livid with them.

To avoid this whole mess, go hookup somewhere private.

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Privacy also allows more intimacy for each partner. One of the most important hookup tips! Safe sex is so important and the only way to ensure it is always safe, is through condoms. Even as a female you should always carry condoms just in case your partner forgets. Carrying condoms in your purse will always guarantee a fun, seamless, and safe hookup.

Drunk hookups can definitely be fun but as you get older you start to feel icky from them. Everyone is going to have a drunk hookup, or two, or ten but remember that a sober hookup is generally more meaningful and memorable. Flirting comes naturally with practice.