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Those that are guilty of the crime will do the time, and will end up in God's prison, which is hell.

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So what can we do? Jesus Christ paid the penalty for your sins in His life's blood. You broke God's Law, Jesus paid your fine. That means your case can legally be dismissed and you can walk free from the courtroom on the Day of Judgment. But what you must do to receive this free gift is trust in Jesus Christ alone to save you, like the kind of trust you have in the pilot of an airplane when you fly. Then God will enable you to repent—this is more than just telling God you are sorry and ask for forgiveness; He will enable you to turn from your sinful life and begin to live for Him instead.

What does this look like? Your boat begins to fall apart and you find yourself in the water, hanging onto one little piece of wood with the waves crashing over you. The only way you can grab the life preserver is to first let go of the waterlogged piece of rotten wood that was keeping you afloat. And so it is with repentance. Jesus throws the life preserver of eternal life, and after placing our trust in Him we must let go of our old life and grab onto the new life that He offers, living for Him instead of ourselves.

As soon as you do that, God will forgive every sin you have ever committed and you will be made righteous in His sight.

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You will know you have been changed like nothing else you have ever known before. The truth is, you don't clean up your life first and then come to Jesus. We can never be good enough for God to save us based on our actions. You come to Jesus first and He takes control of your life and begins to clean it up for you. The more you are obedient, the more you will see the old life slip away and be replaced by one that honors Christ.

There is nothing you can do to earn your salvation. There are many people today who "believe in God" or have "asked Jesus into their heart" or are "religious" but have never repented of their sins or been born again by the power of the Holy Spirit, and they continue to live just as they did before they were "saved. Many will say to Me on that day, 'Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in Your name and in Your name drive out demons and in Your name perform many miracles? Away from Me, you evildoers!

Many people want the benefit of going to heaven without turning from their sin. They want to have their cake and eat it too. But following Christ means giving your life to Him to do with as He wants to. The truth is, when we repent, it doesn't mean that we will never sin again.

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It means that we try our best not to sin because we want to please God, and that we regret it when we do sin and then confess and forsake it. But God enables us to repent through the power of the Holy Spirit, and that is given to us when we trust in Christ. Once you are a born again Christian, then 1 John 1: God will take your broken life and transform you day by day to be more like Jesus. But you have to completely sell out to Him and trust in Jesus alone to save you, and then repent of your sins.

Does this make sense to you? If so, you can pray to receive Christ right now and have eternal life.

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You could pray something like this, in your own words, "God, I am sorry for all my sins against You. I turn from my sinful life right now and ask for Your forgiveness. Please save me and help me live a life that is obedient to Your Word, the Bible. I place my trust in Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. Thank You, Father, for the gift of everlasting life! Your prayer will be shown to be real by your obedience to God's Word, so get a Bible and read it every day, starting with the gospel of John.

You can also read or hear the Bible online, or download the Youversion Bible app if you have a smartphone. Find a good Bible-believing church to attend so you can fellowship with other believers, be encouraged and grow in faith.

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Also, begin to share your faith with others so they can have eternal life as well, and God will never let you down! Im sorry for being born poor i guess Im sorry if i had poor choices and still having bad choices but God is forgiving God and he knows where my heart stands so yeah i believe im a Christian. Im praying for you too so ull stop posting this copy paste long verses. Its not actually helping. Have a good day and stay blessed.

I hope you understand I wasn't judging you, I'm just sharing what I know to be the truth from God's word. Your salvation is between you and God. Sorry if I offended you. We are all sinners. The Bible says you cannot sin and enter heaven. This has nothing to do with BDSM. Do whatever you two decide to do within the confines of marriage.

It sounds to me you would do well to get some counseling though. Let me ask you an honest question.

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You show some of the markers. If you were you really should find a good Christian therapist to help you work through it. U didnt get my point. It shows how insincere he is. It leave bad taste in my mouth. Why does he have to go to my profile and stalk me then post it in his reply? To exposed my sin?

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Gosh , yet you call yourself a christian? Also am i now not allowed to be curious? Does people here just answer people who is perfect human species? Or is it bc im a women?

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I wasn't going to comment any further, but I am following along with the comments because I am genuinely interested in this discussion. However, you misunderstand me. Here's why I checked your comment history:. Whoever turns a sinner from the error of their way will save them from death and cover over a multitude of sins. As Christians, it is our responsibility to hold each other accountable. You said you are a Christian, so I took you at your word. Nobody here is perfect. But we're all trying to become more like Christ. If I was truly insincere, I never would have bothered. And I don't think any other woman here would say that I've said these things simply because you're a woman. I'm not "exposing" or judging you, because I have plenty of sin to worry about myself. I'm trying to help you. If you don't want my help, I understand. But Jesus said in Matthew 7: Away from me, you evildoers! Im thankful that u care about me, but i just didnt get why'd u have to quote my comment and question my belief?

Are we in sort of debate? Are we in the court to know how sinner i am to do that?

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And the asking if im christian? I care, and I ask a lot of people that come here if they're Christians or not. It's heaven or hell when we die, and I care enough to ask the tough questions because people's eternal destiny is at stake. As far as sin, I can't judge anyone else.